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Chef Vamshi Adi


Meet our Executive Chef & Founder Vamshi Krishna Adi, the youngest Indian immigrant Chef-Owner in United States. He is one of the 2 faces behind Gazab. Originally hailing from the culturally diverse city of Hyderabad in the southern part of India, Vamshi moved to the states in 2017 with a single goal in mind, to become a chef. With an inclination towards the culinary world right from his younger days in his mom’s kitchen, Vamshi was naturally drawn towards learning the nuances of the Culinary world.

He started his journey in the United States by working at the Dewberry Charleston in South Carolina & then a multitude of Indian restaurants including Michelin star establishments in NYC & California. Once Covid hit, Vamshi decided to show his dreams the light of day & hence was born the idea behind Gazab. Having accumulated experience across continents & cultures, Chef Vamshi Adi comes with a plethora of skills to introduce you to the finest Modern Indian Cuisine in the best city in the world, New York City!