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Amandeep Singh Thakur


Meet our founder Amandeep Singh Thakur. Originally hailing from the multicultural & colorful state of Punjab in the northern region of India, Amandeep moved to NYC in 2016. The first step in his brilliant culinary career was working as a Chef in a Michelin star Indian restaurant. Growing up as a kid, Aman was always enchanted by the multifaceted world of food in his home state of Punjab.

 He very naturally & quickly picked up the fine art of cooking which eventually gave birth to his dream of one day opening his own restaurant where people from all parts of the world could come together to experience Indian cuisine in a way they had never experienced ever. The onset of the pandemic added fuel to the already raging desire in Aman to launch his own restaurant. While moving up his culinary career, Aman met Vamshi and over their common love for food, they quickly formed a strong personal & professional bond and decided to launch Gazab serving the finest Modern Indian Cuisine in the best city in the world!